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Kazura Bridge

The bridge is made of Actinidia arguta which is picked in snowing mountains. Today, only in Kazura bridge in Nishi-iya village and Okuiya-double bridges in Higashi-iya village are remained.

Todoroki Falls

This is the largest waterfall in Tokushima, and selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 waterfalls, giving the waterfall a total height of 58 meters. The name of Todoroki originated from a roaring noise which comes from abundant amount of water. There is both a summer and autumn Shinto festival.

Mount Bizan

Mount Bizan was written in “Manyoshu”, a series of classic Japanese short poems. Mount Bizan looks like an eyeblow from wherever you look at it.

The Naruto German House

During the World War Ⅱ, German soldiers who were taken prisoners by the military of the Empire of Japan spent their captive days in Naruto city, in which they communicated proactively with the citizens of Naruto. It is also known as a place where Beethoven’s Nineth Symphony was performed for the first time in Asia.

Wakimachi Cityscape

“Udatsu” means a firewall attached between neighboring houses. As it costed a lot to install them, it gives the town a sense of prosperity. In the old days, people used to compete with other houses on their luxury.

Okawabara Plateau

The plateau is popular with the magnificent sea of clouds and 30,000 hydrangeas(June and July). It is also famous for a paddock operated by Sanagochi village, a 5 hectares of colony of Awa rhododendron dilatatum and 15 windmills.